COVID Practice Protocols

COVID Practice Protocols

To ensure that you can get the dental care you need in a safe environment, we want to assure you that we are taking all necessary precautions and following CDC and NYSDOH protocols.

Please see the highlighted procedures below that we have instituted for the safety of our patients and staff:

  • All staff are screened daily upon arrival to work for symptoms and exposure risk and a temperature check is taken.
  • Patients are pre-screened over the phone when scheduling appointments within two weeks of the visit; patient is screened again during phone confirmation that is made a few days before patient’s appointment, along with getting arrival instructions; and a final screening is done in person upon patient’s arrival for their appointment, along with a temperature check.
  • Patient appointments are staggered for social distancing purposes.
  • Front desk staff is reducing paperwork by using more electronic forms and filing.
  • Signage and social distance markings, including limiting access to the building have been posted inside the office and at all patient & staff entrances to our practice.
  • Sneeze-guard barriers have been added to all front desk counters.
  • We have a no/minimal companion limit for our waiting areas, social distancing is in place for our waiting areas, along with the option to wait in the car & we call you when we are ready for you to come in.
  • Face coverings are required on everyone who enters the building.
  • Front desk staff have procedures in place for reducing in-person contact for payments and scheduling.
  • Increased hand sanitizing for patients & staff.
  • Air purifiers w/ HEPA filtration have been added throughout the building to include all treatment rooms and upgrades have been completed to our central HVAC system to enhance air purification
    PPE for staff and patients.
  • We have limited procedures that can produce aerosols and droplets.
  • The addition of oral suction units and other clinical equipment have been added, along with protocols to follow to reduce the potential for virus spread.
  • Scheduled daily enhanced cleaning and disinfection processes are in place for all areas in the office.
  • The practice is following all CDC and NYSDOH protocols in case of patients and/or team members who develop symptoms or have a positive test after being in the office.

COVID Practice Protocols

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at your next visit!

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HEPA Sterilization & UV Air Purification System

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This unit can be installed as a stand-alone unit (wall-mounted), as a bypass unit (linked to a duct) or can be directlyinstalled on the surface of a duct (duct-mounted).